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Power Arduino UNO with 5VDC

On a recent project for DIY Under Bed LED Lighting I found myself in a bit of a power conundrum.  I had a strip of 5V LED lights that required around 7 amps to run at full brightness.  I didn’t want two separate power supplies powering the lights and the Arduino UNO and I didn’t want the Arduino powered by a battery and I didn’t want to add a DC to DC converter to boost the voltage.  I know, I seem pretty picky here!

Since the Arduino UNO’s absolute minimum input voltage (per the specs) is 6V, how will I get this thing powered off of one single 5V power supply in the simplest way possible?

Well, It’s much simpler than it sounds.  The Arduino UNO itself actually requires 5V to operate, so why does it ask for more?