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  • WordPress Custom CSS Image Class

    Looking for a simple way to add a custom CSS image class to WordPress thumbnails without adding another <div> or wrapper around them? Maybe you have multiple WordPress loops on one page and you want to be able to style your images separately in each loop. Maybe you just like complete control over your naming […]

  • WordPress Jetpack Photon – SEO Loss

    Use WordPress Jetpack Photon with care! I just wanted to write a quick warning based on an actual situation that arose on my Wife’s website (…go ahead and check it out, I’ll wait…) Her content ranks really well in a lot of Google searches.  Almost always the images of her mouthwatering food show up in […]

  • Choose Your New Web-host

    One of the more important decisions you will make when starting your own blog or website is deciding which web-host you will be using.  You have many choices but like anything else in this world, results may vary. All I can do is give you my opinion on companies that I have used myself and […]

  • WordPress Child Themes – Simple

    A WordPress child theme is something absolutely marvelous that you really might want to think about implementing!  Do you like to play around with the style of your WordPress site?  A WordPress child theme is just the thing for you. What Is A WordPress Child Theme? In simple terms, it’s basically a sandbox where you […]

  • WordPress – Genesis Page Template – Remove Title

    I recently stumbled around for far too long trying to figure out how to remove the Title from a WordPress page that uses a StudioPress Genesis template so I decided to write up a post on how to accomplish this. Let’s say you create a “Page” (not a post) named “BLOG” and want to use […]

  • Start Your Own Blog

    Starting your own Blog is really simple, you just need to follow a few simple steps to do it correctly and get the best results.  These steps will show you the Simpleton approach to starting up your own blog and doing it right.  If you want to know more, follow the links to get more detailed […]