DIY LED Lighting Projects

It seems everyone is jumping on the LED light bandwagon these days so I figured I might as well do it also.  I have a few projects that I want to accomplish with LED’s so I am going to document them here.  These projects are a work in progress varying from initial concept to in-work and I will update them as I make progress.

DIY Under Bed LED Lighting

My first project is an under-bed LED project for my kid’s loft beds.  Earlier this year, I made each of my three kids loft beds with stairs.  While these beds are pretty cool, I think they need a little extra zing to make them really really cool!  I plan on using an Arduino to control several strips of individually addressable RGB LED lights.  Is this overkill?  Definitely.  Is this more fun than flipping them on with a switch?  Definitely.

Project Status: Phase I Complete.  Prototype built and beginning to program

Click Here To Check Out The DIY Under Bed LED Lighting Page

DIY LED Photo Light Panels

My second project is for my wife.  She has a blog about food and life at  (feel free to head on over and check it out…I’ll wait….).  This site requires lots of photo’s of yummy food which I happily get to eat after the photo sessions.  She always tries for natural lighting for the photographs but that doesn’t always work out.  She currently has some portable studio fluorescent lights that she uses that get the job done but just don’t do it as well as could be.  My goal with this project is to build her some insanely bright (but dimmable) DIY LED photo light panels.

Project Status: Material Procurement

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